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Welcome Innkeepers

The goal of Innkeepers Online is to offer innkeepers improved visibility and thereby improved market presence. We offer members an online presence that reaches out to the public at large to foster and promote quality accommodations in the Atlantic Provinces.

Membership is open to all fixed roof accommodation operators. We welcome innkeepers from all provinces or territories. Innkeepers serves as a unified voice regarding the interests of fixed-roof accommodations in the Atlantic Provinces.

We represent members through negotiations and discussions with government, industry, and non-industry organizations, whose activities pertain to tourist accommodations.

Innkeepers was formed in 1939, and regrouped in 2005 after requests from Innkeepers who wanted better representation, better marketing, and financial advantages.

As a result the Guild offers select rates from the businesses shown below.
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An Invitation
from The Innkeepers Guild

An invitation to join a network of Innkeepers,
An opportunity to improve your business, and
offer travelers an experience to remember.

The “Atlantic” is a tourism destination for travelers from
all over the globe! Let’s get out there and tell people!

Your property is unique!
It has that “quality” touch. It’s in a great location.
Time to take advantage of the Innkeeper “brand”.

Innkeepers Guild is an Association of Tourism Business Owners and Managers that exists to act in the best interests of it’s members, and
the industry - to speak on behalf of the members, and to work to improve
the relationships between travelers, owners, employees, government and related businesses and associations.

Innkeepers Membership Advantages:

Our web site highlights ONLY those locations where we have members,
or locations that members consider to be a key destination along their route.
We will also highlight any local non-profit organization a member wishes to recommend, such as a museum, a volunteer fire department or other service cub event.

Your new Innkeepers web listing provides:

Membership Benefits:

Association Business and Policy Action:

Watch your Atlantic Coast property become a preferred tourist destination in Atlantic Canada.

We are working to increase the voice “at the table”,
to prove the economic value of our industry.

The Atlantic Coast
We are building
"The Atlantic Coast" as a destination through an
exclusive listing in the Atlantic Inn Group.
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Canadian Bed & Breakfast
Membership Fee
The Annual Membership Fee (2008) is calculated on a base fee for your primary property, plus a nominal fee for each additional licensed unit. There is NO HST for 2008-2009.

Primary Property
$80.00 Base Fee

Additional Licensed Units Fee For a 4 Unit Property $3.00 Per Unit $92.00

The fee for 24 units, is only $152.00