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  1. 2012

  2. Talking About Tourism - Nova Scotia Tourism “Strategy”
    Focus Groups Announcements - Jan.2012
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  1. 2011

  2. Editorial, Watching The Numbers, Innkeepers Guild, Tourism Issues:
    Ferry Systems, licensing NS, Rating Systems, The Room Tax/Levy, Membership Status, Advertising/Marketing, New Member Opportunity, Postal Address Change, Tourism Issues & Ideas... - June.2011
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  3. Talking About Tourism, Membership News, Innkeepers Guild,
    Watching the Numbers, Membership Renewals,
    Keeping Inn Touch - October.2011
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  1. 2010

  2. President’s Message, Changing to Help Owners, It’s in the Numbers, Ferry Systems, The Illegal & The Unlicensed, Green Lights, Tourism Designation, Saint John - Digby Ferry, Maintenance Mike’s Tip, Island Tourism... - August.2010
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  1. 2009

  2. New Tourism Policy, NB’s Approval System, Recommendation List,
    Members Helping Members, Social Networking, An Innkeeper’s Opinion,
    Newfoundland, The Cabot Trail... - August.2009
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  3. We’re on Facebook, Innkeepers Benefits, Member Properties
    Editorial: Marketing, Innkeepers’ Ad hoc, In the News,
    Innkeepers Advice, Innkeepers Tips- Mar/Apr.2009
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  4. Unlicensed Properties, AGM, Ireland - Licensing, New Members,
    Tourist Strategy, Transportation and more. - Jan/Feb.2009
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  1. 2008

  2. Innkeepers Guild New Web Site Launch,
    with options for Listing Updates. - December 3/08
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  3. Letters, in the discussion between the Innkeepers Guild
    and the Provincial Government regarding the
    Accommodations Act - August. 23/08
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  4. Nova Scotia Tourism Accommodations Act: The Argument Continues/
    The Ferry Systems“Atlantic Marine Highway”- August 18/08
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  5. Nova Scotia’s Tourism Act Repeal/
    New Brunswick Tourism Development Act/
    Industry Economics & Your Property - June 10/08
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  6. Property Listings on the Innkeepers Web Site - April 25/08
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  7. Check Your Listings/ Website Ownership, Design and Hosting/
    Repeal of Nova Scotia Tourism Accommodations Act/
    Our Web Site Clarification - Property Updates - April 10/08
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  8. Annual General Meeting/ New Leadership for 2008/
    Tourism Industry Topics/ AGM Part II/
    Members Talking / Provincial Concerns - Jan 29/08
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  1. 2006

  2. Special Election Issue - May 17/06
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  3. Volume 2 Number - 5 May 2006 - From The President
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  4. Volume 2 Number 3 - March/April 2006 - From The President
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  5. Volume 2 Number 1 - January/February 2006 - From The President
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